iTerm2 已发布 3.2.0 正式版本,这是一款用于 macOS 的终端模拟器。

iTerm2 是 iTerm 的后继者,也是 Terminal 的替代者。支持窗口分割、热键、搜索、自动补齐、无鼠标复制、历史粘贴、即时重播等功能特性,适用于 MacOS 10.10 及以上版本。


Bug 修复

  • Fix a crash on launch if Safari has never been run before. This happened because of a bug in checking if full disk access was already granted.

  • Fix the alpha blending of timestamps with GPU renderer.

  • Fix various crash bugs.

  • Fix a bug where the GPU renderer was not used when a split pane was maximized.

  • Improve opening a password manager from a trigger: it would fail if the trigger fired twice quickly.

  • Improve various wrong colors in Mojave.

  • Fix a bug wher elink underlines could be misaligned in the presence of double-width characters.

  • Add support for detecting column and line number in semantic history when formatted as: filename.ext(column, line number)

  • Fix a bug where control+page up/page down scrolls the wrong split pane.

  • Fix a bug where minimum contrast was not respected after a box-drawing character.

  • Fix a bug where a hotkey window would forget it was a hotkey window when you launched tmux -CC from it.


  • Performance improvements for large history.

  • Remember the "use transparency" setting when restoring a window.

  • Issue a vociferous warning when you try to use non-antialiased PragmataPro, which doesn't work well at all.

  • Show a second alert to remind you of the steps to perform to grant full disk access.

  • When you drag a pane over a tab with a maximized pane, unmaximize it temporarily but do not send window-resize notifications to those pseudoterminals.

  • Change how the secure keyboard entry menu item works. It now indicates enabled (check) disabled (no accessory view) or "another app is enablign it" (a hyphen). Selecting it toggles whether iTerm2 wants it set. Previously, selecting it had no effect if another app was keeping it on.

  • Fix weird behavior when downgrading from 3.3 to 3.2.

  • Adds a CPU profiler to the iTerm2 menu to aid in debugging performance issues.

  • Improve the appearance of underlines when not using the GPU renderer.

  • Allow input of surrogate pairs with the hex keyboard.

  • Improve editing of number of lines of scrollback to tolerate invalid inputs more gracefully.

更多详情可查阅 change log