Tilix 是用于 Linux 桌面的最流行的 GTK3 平铺终端模拟器之一。遵循 Gnome 的人机交互原则。它可以在同一个窗口中显示多个终端。

本次更新采用的新的软件图标,同时修复了若干 Bug,具体更新内容如下:

  • Added ability to assign shortcuts to profiles

  • Included app menu options in hamburger menu in preparation to conform to GNOME HIG changes

  • Mitigated memory leak with sidebar

  • Fixed minor color issues with Solarized schemes

  • Fixed issue with decoding strings that didn’t need it (thanks to Chris Billington)

  • Fixed issue with blurry text when background image was set on scaled display

  • Fixed issue with scaling badge when using font scaling

  • Added ability to include statuses (readonly, silence and input-sync enabled) to terminal title

  • Updated to use GTKD 3.84

  • Updated app data thanks to Bilal Elmoussaoui

  • Fixed issue with drag window remaining visible thanks to Jocelyn Turcotte

  • Tilix icon updated to reflect new GNOME design thanks to Sergey Bugaev

  • Fixed problem with unsafe paste dialog when command has excessive length thanks to Bilal Elmoussaoui