Kong 1.0.0 RC4 发布了,Kong 是一个云原生、快速、可扩展和分布式的微服务抽象层(也称为 API 网关),通过插件扩展功能。

此版本主要修复了 RC3 中的 Service Mesh 问题。

Service Mesh and Stream Routing

  • TLSv1.3 added to the template protocols as a workaround for openssl#7660

  • Fixed an issue where lua_package_path was not properly defined for stream requests

  • Fixed an issue where active healthchecks would execute on stream modules incorrectly

  • Fixed several other issues related with the custom patches we use for OpenResty


  • The base migration did not correctly reflect the state of indexes in postgres when updating from 0.14

  • Fixed an error involving offsets and pagination of Targets in the Admin API

  • Ensured that Kong is compatible with unpatched OpenResty for API Gateway mode (Service Mesh still requires patched OpenResty)

  • Made kong.response.exit work on the header_filter phase, when invoked with an empty body

  • Fixed an issue in kong.response.get_source where the “exit” status could be shadowed by the “proxied” status.

  • New --force option in kong migrations to allow upgrading between release candidates


  • The HTTP-log plugin handles nil values more gracefully now (thanks @jeremyjpj0916!)

  • The CORS plugin now returns 200 instead of 204 on preflight requests (thanks @aslafy-z!)

  • Request and Response Transformer plugins now tolerate errors and empty headers better

  • Fixed an issue in the Azure Functions plugin where some PDK and ngx_lua methods were incorrectly referenced

  • The Azure Functions plugin now filters out headers disallowed by HTTP/2 when proxying HTTP/1.1 responses to HTTP/2 clients