prosemirror-view 是 ProseMirror 的视图组件,刚刚发布了最新的 1.10.0 版本,ProseMirror 是一个基于 ContentEditable 的所见即所得 HTML 编辑器,功能强大,支持协作编辑和自定义文档模式 ProseMirror 库由多个单独的模块组成。

ProseMirror 主要特性:

  • 协作编辑:ProseMirror 内建多人实时协作编辑
  • 模块化
  • 功能丰富,可以很方便集成到已有的应用
  • 可扩展
  • 可插拔



  • 节点视图可通过 ignoreMutation 回调方法来忽略选择内容的变更事件。

Bug 修复

  • Fix an issue that caused the cursor to be scrolled into view when  focus()  was called on IE11.
  • Fix problem where the cursor cycled through pieces of right-to-left text on Firefox during horizontal motion when the gapcursor plugin was enabled.
  • Fix spurious mutation events in Firefox causing mark replacement at end of composition. Restore call to dom.focus on view.focus
  • Fix a bug that could cause node views in front of marked nodes to not be destroyed when deleted, and caused confusion in composition handling in some situations.
  • Cursor wrappers (a kludge to make sure typed text gets wrapping DOM structure corresponding to the current marks) are now created less eagerly, and in a less invasive way, which resolves a number of problems with composition (especially on Safari) and bidirectional text.