Redis 5.0.3 已发布,修复了一些 bug :

  • Redis no longer panics when you send data to a replica-mode connection that is in MONITOR or SYNC mode.

  • Fixes to certain sorted set edge cases. You are unlikely to ever notice those issues, but now it is more correct.

  • Certain BSD variants now are better supported: build & register logging on crash.

  • The networking core now recovers if an IPv6 address is listed in bind but is actually not able to work because there is no such protocol in the system.

  • redis-cli cluster mode improved in many ways. Especially the fix subcommand work was enhanced to cover other edge cases that were still not covered after the work done for Redis 5.

  • MEMORY USAGE is now more accurate.

  • DEBUG DIGEST-VALUE added in case you want to make sure a given set of keys (and not the whole DB) are excatly the same between two instances.

  • Fix a potential crash in the networking code related to recent changes to the way the reply is consumed.

  • Reject EXEC containing write commands against an instance that changed role from master to replica during our transaction.

  • Fix a crash in KEYS and other commands using pattern matching, in an edge case where the pattern contains a zero byte.

  • Fix eviction during AOF loading due to maxmemory triggered by commands executed in loading state.


同时发布的还有 Redis 4.0.12 ,更新如下:

  • asyncCloseClientOnOutputBufferLimitReached(): don't free fake clients.

  • Don't call sdscmp() with shared.maxstring or shared.minstring

  • Fix stringmatchlen() read past buffer bug.

  • Merge pull request #5569 from maximebedard/backport-4497

  • add linkClient(): adds the client and caches the list node.

  • networking: optimize unlinkClient() in freeClient()

  • When replica kills a pending RDB save during SYNC, log it.

  • Move child termination to readSyncBulkPayload

  • Prevent RDB autosave from overwriting full resync results

  • aof.c: improve indentation and change warning message.

  • AOF: discard if we lost EXEC when loading aof

  • Fix AOF comment to report the current behavior.