Kubernetes v1.12.6-beta.0 和 v1.12.5 发布了,新版更新内容主要是 bug 的修复。Kubernetes 是一个开源的、用于管理云平台中多个主机上的容器化的应用,Kubernetes 的目标是让部署容器化的应用简单并且高效,Kubernetes 提供了应用部署、规划、更新与维护的一种机制。

v1.12.5 主要更新内容:

  • kubectl: fixed an issue with "too old resource version" errors continuously appearing when calling kubectl delete(#72825, @liggitt)

  • Update Cluster Autoscaler version to 1.12.2. Release notes: https://github.com/kubernetes/autoscaler/releases/tag/cluster-autoscaler-1.12.2 (#72882, @aleksandra-malinowska)

  • Fix kube-proxy PodSecurityPolicy binding on GCE & GKE. This was only an issue when running kube-proxy as a DaemonSet, with PodSecurityPolicy enabled. (#72761, @tallclair)

  • Fixes spurious 0-length API responses. (#72856, @liggitt)

  • client-go: restores behavior of populating the BearerToken field in rest.Config objects constructed from kubeconfig files containing tokenFile config, or from in-cluster configuration. An additional BearerTokenFile field is now populated to enable constructed clients to periodically refresh tokens. (#71713, @liggitt)

  • Fix AWS NLB security group updates where valid security group ports were incorrectly removed (#68422, @kellycampbell)

    • when updating a service or when node changes occur.

  • Fix scheduling starvation of pods in cluster with large number of unschedulable pods. (#72619, @everpeace)

  • client-go: shortens refresh period for token files to 1 minute to ensure auto-rotated projected service account tokens are read frequently enough. (#72437, @liggitt)

  • change azure disk host cache to ReadOnly by default (#72229, @andyzhangx)

  • Fixes a bug in HPA controller so HPAs are always updated every resyncPeriod (15 seconds). (#72373, @krzysztof-jastrzebski)

  • Fixes issue with cleaning up stale NFS subpath mounts (#71804, @msau42)

  • Fix device mountable volume names in DSW to prevent races in device mountable plugin, e.g. local. (#71509, @cofyc)

  • Fixes a bug in previous releases where a pod could be placed inside another pod's cgroup when specifying --cgroup-root (#70678, @dashpole)

  • Fixes issue where subpath volume content was deleted during orphaned pod cleanup for Local volumes that are directories (and not mount points) on the root filesystem. (#72291, @msau42)

  • Fix a race condition in the scheduler preemption logic that could cause nominatedNodeName of a pod not to be considered in one or more scheduling cycles. (#72504, @bsalamat)

  • Fix race condition introduced by graceful termination which can lead to a deadlock in kube-proxy (#72361, @lbernail)

  • Support graceful termination with IPVS when deleting a service (#71895, @lbernail)

  • Fixes an issue where Portworx volumes cannot be mounted if 9001 port is already in use on the host and users remap 9001 to another port. (#70392, @harsh-px)

  • fix race condition when attach azure disk in vmss (#71992, @andyzhangx)

  • Fixed kubelet reporting "resource name may not be empty" when mounting a volume very quickly after unmount. (#71074, @jsafrane)

  • Update to use go1.10.7 with fix for CVE-2018-16875 (#72072, @ixdy)

  • kube-proxy in IPVS mode will stop initiating connections to terminating pods for services with sessionAffinity set. (#71834, @lbernail)

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