Pharo 7.0 发布了,Pharo的目标是提供一个简洁新颖的开源Smalltalk开 发环境。Smalltalk被公认为历史上第二个面向对象的程序设计语言和第一个真正的集成开发环境(IDE)。Smalltalk由Alan Kay,Dan Ingalls,Ted Kaehler,Adele Goldberg等于70年代初在Xerox PARC开发。Smalltalk对其它众多的程序设计语言的产生起到了极大的推动作用,主要有:Objective-C,Actor,Java和 Ruby等。90年代的许多软件开发思想得利于Smalltalk,例如设计模式、敏捷编程和重构等。


  • Pharo is now provided in 64-bit version in Linux and OSX and brings even better performance and stability. The 64-bit version is now recommended for Linux and Mac, and is provided as technical preview for Windows.

  • Pharo comes with a new version of the PharoLauncher ( THE tool to manage your distributions (access to regular versions, jenkins builds, and older versions).

  • Pharo build has a fully new build process that supports its full bootstrap from sources. This will enable the production to specific (micro) images.

  • Iceberg, the git client for Pharo has been significantly improved, and is the default CMS.

  • Calypso, the angular stone of PharoThings, is the new system Pharo browser. It replaces Nautilus and brings better remote working and more advanced browsing capabilities.

  • IoT is now an important part of Pharo. Installing PharoThings ( provides an impressive amount of tools to develop applications in small devices.

  • The unified foreign function interface (UnifiedFFI) for interfacing with the outside world is significantly improved to work properly on Windows 64-bit.