AgensGraph 是一个基于 PostgreSQL 的新一代多模型图数据库。它提供图形分析环境,用户可以同时编写、编辑和执行 SQL 和 Cypher 查询。AgensGraph 带有 PostgreSQL 兼容性和 PostgreSQL 扩展,能够帮助 PostgreSQL 用户摆脱数据迁移的痛苦,轻松开发提供高级数据分析的服务。

AgensGraph 2.1 主要改进和修复:

  • Performance Enhancement

  • Cypher

    • Enhance shortest-path algorithm and minor features

  • Cypher Implemention

  • Make all built-in functions usable

  • Support "IN" for sub-queries

  • Usability

  • Improve Graph meta

    • Add a GUC on graphmeta which decide it works automatically or not

    • Add a function regather_graphmeta() which reset and gather graphmeta

  • Add help command in agens shell

    • Implement pre-evaluating CypherTypeCast

    • Implement auto type casting on function call

    • Implement auto type casting on operators

    • jsonb to graphid -> numeric to graphid

    • Handle UNKNOWNOID constants properly (::jsonb and ::text)

    • Handle parameters AS-IS

    • Change the implementation of constants

    • Implement type casting

    • Update comment about token precedence in gram.y

  • Bug Fixes

  • Please see the release notes for fix details