Netty 4.1.33 Final 正式发布。此版本主要包含错误修复、一些改进和一些性能改进。


  • Allowed IP_FREEBIND option for UDP epoll (#8727)

  • Ensure FlowControlled data frames will be correctly removed from the flow-controller when a write error happens. (#8726)

  • Only handle NXDOMAIN as failure when nameserver is authoritive or no the other nameservers are left (#8731)

  • Correctly buffer multiple outbound streams if needed. (#8694)

  • Only call handlerRemoved(...) if handlerAdded(...) was called during adding the handler to the pipeline (#8684)

  • Correctly detect and handle CNAME loops. (#8691)

  • Fix ClassCastException and native crash when using kqueue transport (#8665)

  • Support 1012, 1013 and 1014 WebSocket close status code (#8664)

  • NoClassDefFoundError on Android platform when try to use DefaultDnsServerAddressStreamProvider (#8656)

  • ChannelInitializer may be invoked multiple times when used with custom EventExecutor (#8620)

  • Respect calls while processing reads for the child channels when using Http2MultiplexCodec (#8617)

  • Loosen bounds check on CompositeByteBuf's maxNumComponents (#8621)

  • Provide a way to cache the internal nioBuffer of the PooledByteBuffer to reduce GC (#8603)


最后修改于 2019-03-26 17:30:43