Bokeh 1.0.4 发布了,Bokeh 是一个 Python 交互式可视化库,支持现代化 Web 浏览器,提供非常完美的展示功能。Bokeh 的目标是使用 D3.js 样式提供优雅、简洁新颖的图形化风格,同时提供大型数据集的高性能交互功能。

Bug 修复:

  • #8558 [py2] Safer alternative fix for unicode notebook issue in python 2


  • #8513 [notebook] Strip out ipython magics when serving notebooks


  • #8207 Adding/updating boilerplate code

  • #8525 [component: tests] Don't resize window when running images tests

  • #8533 [component: build] Remove warning about gulp build in prepare.js

  • #8534 [component: docs] Docs tweak to add note about bokeh_dev and apps

  • #8541 Pyyaml version is vulnerable to cve-2017-18342

  • #8543 [component: server] Bad error message for nonexistent bokeh serve target

  • #8548 [component: docs] Add small documentation to slider callback_policy which only apply to customjs

  • #8550 [component: docs] Fix-up bokeh_dev docs (follow-up)

  • #8553 Add model, event, and populate bokeh.models all

  • #8555 [py2] Unicode fix when serving notebooks on python 2

  • #8556 [component: docs] Correct three minor typos