Apache Wicket 7.11.0 发布,Java Web 开发框架

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Apache Wicket 7.11.0 已发布,Wicket 是一个 Java 语言的 Web 开发框架,与 Struts、WebWork、Tapestry 相类似,其特点在于对 Html 和代码进行了有效的分离(有利于程序员和美工的合作),基于规则的配置(减少了 XML 等配置文件的使用),学习曲线较低(开发方式与 C/S 相似),更加易于调试(错误类型比较少,而且容易定位)。




CHANGELOG for 7.11.0


  • [WICKET-6473] - Double slash break 404page

  • [WICKET-6533] - Error while parsing xml using AjaxButton

  • [WICKET-6546] - CssContentHeaderItem comments CSS code with HTML comments

  • [WICKET-6551] - LazyInitProxyFactory doesn't work correctly at Weblogic

  • [WICKET-6553] - SelectOptions doesn't html-encode option values

  • [WICKET-6564] - PageStoreManager#clear() does not completely clear

  • [WICKET-6568] - Wicket fails / does not encode request header values in AjaxCalls

  • [WICKET-6586] - Broken JavaScript due to fix charsetName in JavaScriptPackageResource

  • [WICKET-6589] - ClientInfo fails with NumberFormatException for unusual browser versions

  • [WICKET-6604] - Ajax repaint is not correctly handled when component being repainted has an enclosure associated with it and is not a child of the enclosure

  • [WICKET-6614] - AbstractRangeValidator looks up string with the wrong key if locale is Turkish


  • [WICKET-6527] - no possibility to override fixed html appended directly to response by FilterForm

  • [WICKET-6605] - Allow AjaxFallbackButton to be stateless


  • [WICKET-6594] - JavaDoc of redirectToInterceptPage in Component urges to use redirectTo method when in a constructor